In a bid to improve to the welfare of pupils in public and secondary primary school across Nigeria, over 1700 shoes were given away to kids in secondary and primary schools in 4 states (Ogun, Oyo, Osun and Kwara states) in Nigeria. Apart from the shoes donations in various communities, clothes were also given out to the needy people in the Ago Oja village in Kwara State. This is to uphold the SGDs of Good Health & Well-being and Quality Education



A major aim of TGAI is to boost quality education in rural areas. We believe the future of a nation is traced down to the youths and children of that nation. If this new generation lack proper education, then there will be a disastrous result at all levels in the affairs of any nation. The major aspect of the new generation in are concentrated in this hard-to-get rural areas of Nigeria. It is why TGAI has placed an undilluted level of importance to quality education in the rural settlements.
At different intervals, there have been different scholarship drives that cater for the school fees and materials of indigent students in different public schools. For instance, in October 2017, about 20 students benefited from full scholarship for one academic year at Ara Primary School in Moro local government area while over 300 students enjoyed from the school materials that was disbursed.

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